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     This fall, our team has conducted a survey of sub-standard housing in the city of Milledgeville, Georgia. We are currently identifying, locating, and counting every sub-standard house within the city limits. We are physically driving every street and inspecting the exterior of each house. We have been taught to identify sub-standard characteristics by Harold Tessendorf, of Habitat for Humanity, and the city building inspector. Our attention is focused in the areas of:

  • Stability of foundation/piers
  • Roof damage
  • Appearance of porch and frame
  • Appearance of windows and frames
  • Occupancy status

     We divided ourselves into three teams. Each team consists of 3-4 people with at least on male for safety purposes. Each team was assigned an area of Milledgeville to survey and given a packet that included a city map, a list of rules, a letter explaining our purpose, and survey check sheets. The survey check sheet is filled out for a house if the team feels the house is or may be sub-standard. By setting clear boundaries for each team's area and constantly marking off the streets we have surveyed, we are going to be able to provide an accurate number of the sub-standard houses in the city of Milledgeville, GA.

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