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     Welcome to the website of the Windshield Survey, conducted by nine honors students at Georgia College and State University. The Windshield Survey is being conducted as a part of the fall honors seminar on utopian and dystopian societies.

Purpose and Goal

     The purpose of the Windshield Survey is to determine the number of substandard houses in the city of Milledgeville, Georgia. Our endeavors will help Habitat for Humanity eliminate substandard housing in the twenty-first century. By knowing the number of substandard houses in the city, Habitat for Humanity will be able to have a better idea of the number of people that need to be helped. Habitat for Humanity also will be able to access the adequate funds to help these people.
     Eliminating substandard housing is Habitat for Humanity's first step to creating a more utopian community. The Windshield Survey's purpose is to help Habitat for Humanity reach their goal for a more utopian community.

Summary of the Windshield Survey
Essay about the Widshield Survey
More information about Habitat for Humanity

The Packet

     Each of group students participating in the Windshield Survey was given a packet containing forms to fill out about condition of each house surveyed, a list of rules for surveyors to follow, a map of Milledgeville divided into sections for each group to survey, and a letter explaining the survey to show people in the community. These four documents can be viewed on this website:

House evaluation form
Rules for surveyors to follow
Map of surveyed area
Letter explaining the survey to members of the community

The Students

group picture

Learn more about the students participating in the survey

Thank You

     The students involved in the Windshield Survey would like to thank Cathy Malone, Dr. Moody, Harold Mock, Matt Tiffany, Harold Tessendorf and everyone else who helped make the Windshield Survey a sucess.